Hi Bharathi / Tony Seeing you site i assume u ppl are doing grt :)) You both luk very proud n happy parents of 2 sons.. am happy for u bharathi Belated wishes Happy Birthday to Bharathi.. Wanted to call you ppl from so long but u know rt how buzy u become once u have a baby Heard u ppl are going to india y dont u ppl tk transit visa and drop into duabi for few days Santosh n myself will be very happy to see u ppl... Please consider it seriously n plan to stay 4 few in dubai... Our contact numbers : Geetha : +############ Santosh : +############ Waiting to hear from you ppl... With lots of luv Geetha & Santosh

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Excellent [pesonal] website.

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Nice photographs
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Luvly pictures and it was a great day. We are glad that we were also a part of it.
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The pictues are fantastic! It was a great evening because we had great company. We must do this more regularly in 2009. Love to you all x

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Hi Bharathi & Tony,

Happy Christmas and New Year.


Chellam M
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My name also chellam. Who is chellam here, ur child or you.< BR />
Hi tony this is very good work tiptop do same thing more. Very nice next X mas party do more
Take good photographer ok see you

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Luvly pictures, very cute. I couldn't believe how time flew off. Very interesting.
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Hi Tony,
Just saw Jez's birthday photos, very nice.
Chellam site is very good.